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Kava Chocolate (6 Doses)

Kava Chocolate (6 Doses)


Our loyal customers understand that quality is an absolute must in all of our products. After some serious digging, we have finally found Kava chocolate worth sharing. Nuherbals chocolate is an elegant fusion of rich dark chocolate, coconut, and Kava, all sourced right from Vanuatu. Our coconut infused chocolate ensures a complete absorption of the entire Kavalactone profile. Kava chocolate is the ideal option for an effective, easy, and tasty method of consumption.

Dosage (First Time Use)

(Suggested to take on an empty stomach)

Each bar consists of 6 servings. For a first time experience, we recommend breaking the bar into four servings. As your body begins to adapt to the reverse tolerance effect of Kava, you can then return to  6 servings per bar. It's important to remember everyone will respond a little differently depending on the individual's physiology, and dosages may need to be adjusted.