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Vanuatu Noble Naka KAVA

Vanuatu Noble Naka KAVA


What is Kava Kava?

Kava reverse tolerance?

Kava Kava or (Kava) is a naturally occurring shrub native to the Pacific Islands including Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Hawaii. Typically, the roots of the shrub are ground down and mixed with water to produce a simple beverage. The tradition of consuming kava has been practiced by islanders for centuries as an integral part of social gatherings, religious ceremonies, as well as medicinal use. 

For some, the beverage serves as a substitute for alcohol because it produces similar effects. Kava can be used as social lubricant and has proven to be an effective agent against stress and anxiety. Similar to alcohol, Kava is a GABA agonist, which produces a sedating and relaxing experience within the body. 

Many first time users of Kava report experiencing little to no effects. This is largely in part to the fact Kava has a reverse tolerance. The benefits of Kava amplify over time as the active ingredient (kavalactones) builds in the body requiring less Kava in subsequent sessions. 

Vanuatu Noble Naka is the precise blend kava to drink for stress relief or to reduce feelings of anxiety. Vanuatu Noble Naka is the heaviest kava we have found. It is very relaxing, so it is best for drinking in the late afternoon or evening. Vanuatu Noble Naka is also the kava we recommend.